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Kazehi Gives HR Consulting Client Base a Boost


The Client is a Singapore-based consulting company that provides intercultural management
courses to organizations worldwide. The Client helps customers develop cross-cultural skills
through customized training, coaching, workshops, and conferences.


HR Consulting







Appointment Setting






All industries


Started in 2014 as a joint venture between a pioneering European cross-cultural training company and a top Southeast Asian HR solutions provider, the Client has built and grown a customer portfolio of over 150 multinational companies in various industries across Asia. The customer enjoys a clear lead in the region’s market for intercultural management training services.

But with a spate of new entrants seen to come into the growing market in the next 3 to 5 years, the Client has recently followed a more active strategic direction to protect and enlarge its market share. An important component of the new growth strategy emphasizes direct and targeted outreach to prospects in industries with high potential.

Having little outbound experience of their own, the Client needed some outside expertise to achieve many aspects of its goals. In particular, the company faced three key marketing challenges that made working with a third-party provider a more viable option:

1. Identifying the right prospects to contact in the Client’s target industries and companies
2. Qualifying and booking sales meetings with prospects that fit the target buyer profile
3. Gathering additional marketing intelligence to be used further along the sales cycle

● Launched a successful SGwide appointment setting campaign for an HR consulting/training firm
● Leveraged live conversations with prospects reinforced with touch points via emails
● Handed off highly qualified appointments and delivered critical sales intelligence



The Client partnered with Kazehi after a stringent RFP process, pointing to the latter’s substantial roster of satisfied customers in Singapore as a key differentiator. The Kazehi team then worked alongside representatives from the Client to plan out the objectives, activities, and timelines for an integrated appointment setting campaign.
The overall strategy centered on engaging prospects through targeted calls complemented by timely email touchpoints. The Client wanted the campaign to focus only on companies operating in Singapore and excluded firms providing consulting and training services. Some campaign activities that contributed to its success were:

1. Kazehi performed a thorough data profiling program prior to starting the campaign. The team compiled a database of the key contacts from companies in the included industries. The Client then reviewed and approved the profiled list.
2. Agents contacted every prospect on the approved list. Probing questions identified fit and interest with the Client’s intercultural management training courses. Prospects who agreed to a face-to-face meeting with a consultant from the Client were tagged as qualified appointments.
3. The team used emails extensively for introduction, follow-up, and targeted send-outs throughout the campaign.


The campaign ran for a total of 104 days. As is typical with Kazehi’s multi-channel appointment setting programs, the first couple of weeks were spent initiating contact and nurturing prospects. The number of sales appointments only began picking up near the end of the first month.

The 3-month campaign produced a total of 51 qualified appointments in the following order: Based on past performance, the Client expects to send proposals to around 80% of qualified face-to-face sales meetings and close anywhere between 15% to 30% of opportunities. That means the campaign can potentially add as much as 12 more deals into their customer portfolio within the next sales cycle, an increase of 8% in its current customer base.